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Getting Midnight Commander (mc) to list files in zip archives

I recently switched from Ubuntu to Arch Linux as my prefered Linux distribution. I have not regretted that (but I would still recomend Ubuntu, it's a great distribution.)

I've only run into one small problem with Arch Linux. I use Midnight Commander as my file manager. It has the abillity to browse tarballs and zip archives directly (as virtual filesystems). But browsing zip archives didn't work in the Arch Linux version of Midnight Commander.

The solution is simple: edit the file /usr/share/mc/extfs/uzip search for the following line:

my $op_has_zipinfo = 0;
and change it to
my $op_has_zipinfo = 1;
And that's it. You might need to restart Midnight Commander, but browsing zip archives should be working now.

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