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HSQLDB - we're almost there
Well, I haven't finished my notes on using HSQLDB. So far I've written five notes:
  1. HSQLDB - how to install and create a database
  2. A very simple example - a simple console application for testing the database
  3. Java Server Pages - old school JSP, i.e. ugly and not the way to do it
  4. JSTL - using a tablib cleans up the JSP
  5. Using a Bean - splitting the code into a Bean
The examples so far, have all been queries. I need to write an example that puts data into the database (an update). This means expanding the last example to include a form that submits to a Servlet.

This is all very simple stuff, for a large (enterprise) project you should use some kind of framework (e.g. Webwork or Struts) and the database calls shold use pools and some abstraction (I like iBATIS)... hmmm I kinda need to write a conclusion.

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Congratulations and thanks

I have followed your tutorial step by step. A window with Firefox and other one with a console. Along the evening I get understand it: clear and concise.
Just i was looking for.
I hope you keep it up.

Enrique González (Cádiz-Spain)

(P.D. Sorry because my poor English)

Great Tutorials...!!!

Sometimes you get overwhelmed with so much information included on the docs you get when you download the tools, nice small and concise tutorials like this help us crawl before running...

Thanks for taking the time to teach the basic stuff...

Saludos desde Honduras - Carlos Duque

Thank you for your tutorial

Dear Søren,
Its people like you who make things clear, to tbe point and get many other started with wonderful things.
Thank you.

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