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Installing Unreal Tournament on a new Ubuntu

I tried Counter Strike Source in my summer vacation, and that inspired me to begin playing games again...

Obviously, I wanted to play my old favourite: Unreal Tournament. I have the Game of the Year edition (also known as GOTY). To install on linux you need to download the installer - It's called ut-install-436-goty.run. I got mine from BeyondUnreal.

Open a terminal and change directory to where you downloaded the installer to. Issue the following command:
$ sudo _POSIX2_VERSION=199209 ./ut-install-436-goty.run 
Verifying archive integrity...OK
Uncompressing Unreal Tournament version 436-GOTY Linux install......

Notice the "_POSIX2_VERSION=199209" part? It's needed on modern versions of linux, e.g the Ubuntu I'm running. The installer for UT calls the head command in a way that is not supported anymore. Setting the _POSIX2_VERSION variable makes the head command backwards compatible.

Without setting the variable you would get this error:
Verifying archive integrity...tail: cannot open `+6' for reading: 
No such file or directory

Next you need to edit the to scripts: ucc and ut. You'll find them in the /usr/local/games/ut directory (if you installed in the default location).

In both files change the contents of the following if-statement:
    if [ -L "$fullpath" ]; then
        fullpath="`ls -l "$fullpath" | awk '{print $11}'`"

    if [ -L "$fullpath" ]; then
        fullpath=`ls -l "$fullpath" |sed -e 's/.* -> //' |sed -e 's/\*//'`

Finally create a script called convert.sh (you can store in /usr/local/games/ut) and copy the following to the script:
# FILENAME: convert.sh
# Change this to YOUR install-dir of UT


for i in ../Maps/*.unr.uz
ucc decompress $i -nohomedir

mv *.unr ../Maps

cd ../Maps
for f in *.unr
rm $f.uz

echo "..:: Done! ::.."

Now run the script:
$ sudo ./convert.sh 

This will unpack the map files.

Now you should be ready for a killing spree ;-)
Tags: game, linux
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