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Getting the kernel source code for ASUS Eee PC 900
After some googling, I'v found the linux-source tar-ball here:

Now I can (hopefully) get my Cisco VPN Client up an running (an maybe VMWare Player as well)
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Unfortunately I just spent about an hour doing battle with the default Xandros based OS on the EEE PC, trying to build the no avail.
I just couldn't get kernels and GCCs to match up and get me a working module. Maybe I neglected to properly update the system I was working on, but still. If you figure it out YAY!

I have found the Open Source VPNC package to be a viable alternative.
Also this perl script:
will allow you to import your Cisco profiles without too much pain.

As far as I know it has the added advantage of being userspace so you don't need to futz with recompiling every time you update your kernel.


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