Søren Lund (slu) wrote,
Søren Lund

Øredev 2009 - Accomplishing More By Doing Less

I'm at the Øredev conference. It's the first real day of the conference, that was preceeded by two days of tutorials and courses, which I didn't go to.

First talk today - the keynote - was by Marc Lesser. The title was "Accomplishing More By Doing Less". It was very zen, started with 60 seconds of silence, but didn't really do anything but lists the problems the modern man (or woman) is facing. I think Distraction is my biggest roadblock for getting things done. The solution was to work from "the inside out" and not from "the outside in" - don't know what that means... going to think about it (i.e. google it).
Tags: doingless, oredev, zen
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