December 24th, 2003


What's a blog anyway?

This is Søren's Blog. A blog is a log on the web, it's short for web log, which somehow lost the 'we' and became just blog.
I have no idea what this blog will become: how often entries will be added or what the subjects will be. I know one thing, the blog will be my own tool for storing information, e.g. links to great web sites or tips and tricks.
There are subjects, that I'll guess will occur rather often: computers and movie reviews.
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It's Christmas

It's Christmas here in Denmark. We celebrate on the eve of December 24.
I'm off to my aunts house, where I'm going to enjoy a duck-dinner with her and my parents. I think I got all the presents, and I'm a bit excited... not only to give, but also to get some presents.
Merry Christmas everyone!
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