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I've updated the layout of my blog. The new layout contains images for each entry. I'm planning to use the images to describe the theme of the entry, e.g. computers or movies, but now I have to create some descriptive images...

Linda and I was at a double birthday party Saturday. This being the fourth day in a row, where we were eating out and drinking. So Sunday was used to relax, nothing more. We both felt quite stuffed, from all the food, and were feeling kinda anti-social...

We saw my present, Cujo and the Swedish comedy Kopps.

Cujo is based on a novel by Stephen King. Some ten years ago I was reading Stephen King all the time, not to say that I was his number one fan, but when I finished reading one Stephen King book, I would start the next.

Naturally I've also seen most of the movies based on his work. Unfortunately they often didn't live up to the novels. The movies concentrated too much on the horror part of the stories and too little on the characters, and without believable characters, the scary parts are not really that scary.

I hadn't read Cujo or seen the movie. It was not the worst adaptation, but I'll guess the novel is better. I give it 5 points out of 10.

Kopps was a great movie. A good plot, good acting, and a few well used special effects. It scores 8 of 10 points.

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