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From Pine to Mutt

I've just switch from using Pine to using Mutt as my email client. Both are console application using a text-based interface. As email (to me) is text, I prefer a pure text-based email client.

I've been using Pine for many years (more than ten years actually), and it always been rock-solid and stable.

So why the switch?

Well, two things
  1. Pine is not true free software, as defined by e.g. the GNU General Public License. It is free to use, but modified version cannot be distributed.
  2. Pine has no real support for threading. And there are also a couple of other small technical things, that annoys me a bit.
However, I'm not saying "don't use Pine", it's still a great email client (I've never used it for reading news). It's pretty easy and intuitive to use, and it has never seriously malfunctioned during my ten years of experience with it.

Mutt seems much more hardcore, and not for the beginner. But then, I'm no novice...

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