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Take a PEEK at this

I've been playing with the Commodore 64 emulator called VICE lately. Playing some old games, hacking some BASIC and surfing the net for web sites relating to the old 8-bit computer.

Here's some good starting points, if your want to revive your youth (like I did):

  • C64 Portal - a portal with lots of news and information. The C64 scene is still alive!
  • Project 64 - collection of manuals and documentation. Your precious Programmers Reference Guide can stay in the vault...
  • C64 Unlimited - an archive of games and applications (although the application section is still empty).
  • Small VI Clone for the Commodore 64 - the classic UNIX editor, vi. Works like a charm... now how about a port of GNU/Emacs?
  • cc65 - a freeware C compiler for 6502 based systems. This is neat. It's actually a cross-compiler, so you can develop and compile a program on your PC. Has a C64 specific library.
  • LUnix - a little UNIX for Commodore 64. I haven't tried it (yet). Promises preemptive multitasking!

Long live the C64!

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