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HSQLDB - we're almost there

Well, I haven't finished my notes on using HSQLDB. So far I've written five notes:
  1. HSQLDB - how to install and create a database
  2. A very simple example - a simple console application for testing the database
  3. Java Server Pages - old school JSP, i.e. ugly and not the way to do it
  4. JSTL - using a tablib cleans up the JSP
  5. Using a Bean - splitting the code into a Bean
The examples so far, have all been queries. I need to write an example that puts data into the database (an update). This means expanding the last example to include a form that submits to a Servlet.

This is all very simple stuff, for a large (enterprise) project you should use some kind of framework (e.g. Webwork or Struts) and the database calls shold use pools and some abstraction (I like iBATIS)... hmmm I kinda need to write a conclusion.
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