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Don't try this at home

Be careful what you wish, it might come through!

Yesterday i was thinking about my blog, and how it's been a long time since I've written anything to it. What do you put in a blog anyway? I know this is my Random Ramblings, but I usually need some kind of trigger - an event of some kind - to get me writing...

Well, that event occurring when cooking dinner.

I was roasting a leg of lamb. The lamb had been dry roasting in the oven for about 15 minutes. Next step was to smear a mix of sour cream and feta on top of it, and add some broth to the roasting pan. I had already mixed the sour cream and feta. As I didn't have any broth, I found a bouillon cube, and now I just needed some boiling water (actually I didn't need boiling water, but I thought I did).

How do you boil water quickly? Using the microwave oven of course! (Please queue the dramatic music now.)

I had mixed the sour cream and feta in the measuring cup that I would normally use to boil water in. But I had another measuring cup, which is actually a shaker. I poured the water into the shaker, it was too tall to stand up in the microwave oven, so I screwed the lid on before placing it in the oven and starting the timer.

Ping! Said the timer four minutes later.

POP! Said the lid when I touched the shaker, and (almost) boiling water shot out in my face!

Luckily the lamb needed an hour in the oven, meanwhile i took a cold shower.

I got burns on my face, lower arm and chest. But the 45 minutes cooling in the shower helped a lot.

t doesn't really hurt today, but the skin is still a little red.
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